Thursday, February 4, 2010

Theres a hole in my bucket...

Got a bit of a hotch potch of things to run past you tonight, a bit of a picture smorgasbord.!!! First I,ll show you what I,m having for my tea. Paul Rankins Cinnamon and raisin bread, toasted...It is to die for..oh and a banana. See theres 2 of my 5 a day and I,m sure cinnamon can be classed as a vegetable.!!!!

Next I,ve got some books I wanted to show you. I am always on the lookout for inspiration and cool images and so I spend an arm and a leg on books and magazines. I just love the glossies and hard back books.

These two speak for themselves, but I have managed to glean some cool ideas for my tattoo. Yea I am still having it and I can feel it is going to be imminent, lol...

Then I have these two books from women I really admire.

Two total opposites at first glance. Kat Von D is fighting to make it in a man's world and is a real cool rock chick. Her persona is anything you can do I can do better. Whilst Dita is the total opposite, a feminine glamorous persona who believes men are men and ladies are just that - ladies. Both realise that image is everything and are always to be found looking and acting the part.  I wouldn't like to think what their thoughts on each other are but both women have had a tough life  to get to where they are today and are proud to be independant business women at the top of their proffesion.

Just love this picture of Dita, she is the epitome of Hollywood glamour.

A couple of things I brought back from Spain with me.

Loved these candles of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I collect lots of icons and the are nearly all Our Lady or Buddahs. Again what a contrast..!!

And I bought another Rosary for my collection. This one I had blessed for my Mum in the little chapel whilst we were there.

Last but not least I need to show you the survival kit every one is provide with for the Art Journaling weekend.

Ha ha yea thats right, Cocolate and tissues will see them through.

Quite a long time ago the lovely Kate sent me a Bucket list, which I promptly filed away and instantly mislaid.!!! Well I stumbled across it earlier today, so before I lose it again I am going to do it. If you fancy having a go just cut n paste and replace my answers with your own.

Bucket List

Have you ever...???

( x) Shot a gun   -   not much call for it in Harrogate...... 

(Y) Gone on a blind date  -  tons,lol. I love a surprise. I met my husband on a blind date.I had my leg in plaster and was on crutches. He trapped my leg in the car door and annoyed me with Gary Numan songs all night.....

(Y) Skipped school  -   I had a job in the market 2 days a week. only went in for sports, English and building tech...How naughty..???

(Y) Watched someone die -   unfortunately yes, both Mum and Dad. Extremeley painful but nevertheless a privilege to be present..

(x ) been to Canada

(x ) Been to Alaska   -   whatever for..???

( X) Been to Cuba

(x) Been to Europe  - duh, this is Europe.

( Y) Been to Las Vegas  - ooh love it, love it. love it with a capital L. As you all know if I ever get maried again it is on the condition that it is in Vegas, in the little chapel, Minister dressed as Elvis. I will be wearing a  bespoke red polka dot corset, beautifull haute coutured by my gorgeous mate Marie, a stetson and cowboy boots. Ooh you can picture it already can't you, lmao. Not sure who the groom would be, but I,m not that fussed, just want to go through the ceremony, ha ha. If you know of any applicants who wouldn't look too bad on the photos, sling them my name.....!!!

( X) Been to Mexico

( X) Been to Florida

(Y) Been on a plane  - tons and tons and tons.....

( ) Been on a cruise ship/gambling ship   - I know others enjoy it, but it would be my idea of sheer hell..!!!

( X) Served on a jury  was supposed to but got rushed into hospital with Appendicitis.. The lengths some people will go to, eh..???

(Y) Been lost  -  dont think I,ve ever been found yet, lmao...

(Y) Been on the opposite side of the country

(X ) Gone to Washington , DC

(Y) Swam in the ocean  - isit me or do these questions seem a bit tame..?

(Y) Cried yourself to sleep

(Y) Played cops and robbers  - but conditions of my parole don't allow me to at the mo, lol....

(Y) Played cowboys/girls and Indians  - love the Pocahontas look.!!!

(Y) Recently colored with crayons   _ oh yes baby...

(Y) Sang Karaoke   extremely badly. Slowly getting addicted to my girlies Sing Star...

(Y) Paid for a meal with coins only?  - many a time..!!

(Y) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?  - lmao, ALL the time...

( X) Made prank phone calls.  - not that I recall.

(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose.  - frequently , unfortunately...

(Y) Caught a snowflake on your tongue - yup

(Y) Danced in the rain. - its better than waiting for the storm to pass..!!!

(Y) Written a letter to Santa Claus  - must have done once...

(Y ) Been kissed under the mistletoe-  - in front and behind it as well....

(Y) Watched the sunrise with someone.

(Y) Blown bubbles  -  usually in milkshake..

(Y) Gone ice-skating

(y) Gone roller skating?

(x) Gone snow skiing

(Y) Camped out under the stars.

(Y) Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away?  - my children

(Y) Married?   - 28 years ago, I was a baby...

(Y) Children?   - four

(Y) Have a Pet?  - No

(Y) Been skinny dipping outdoors - dont ask

(Y) Been fishing

(Y) Been boating

(x) Been water skiing

(Y) Been hiking

(x ) Been camping in a trailer/RV

( x) Flown in a small 4 seater airplane

( x) Flown in a glider

( x) Been flying in a hot air balloon

(x ) Been bungie-jumping   - do I look barking..???

(X ) Gone to a drive-in movie

(Y) Done something that should have killed you   - regrettably, yes.

( Y) Done something that you will probably regret for the rest of your life   - yes but you have to move on...

1. Any nickname?    - Dylan

2. Mother's name?  - Maureen

3.Favorite beverage? - Tea

4. Body Piercing? Ears ears at 13, nose at 15...

5. Tattoo? oh yes, usual hearts and chinese symbols, large angel wings on my back. New full sleeve in offing.

6. How much do you love your job?  - tons and tons and tons.

7. Birth place?    - Batley,Yorkshire, UK

8. Favorite vacation spot   - Egypt

9. Been to Africa? No

10. Ever eaten just cookies for dinner? Oh yes

11. Ever been on TV? Yes, and before you start it wasn't Crimewatch...

12. Ever steal any traffic signs? - Of course its the law where I,m from...

13. Ever been in a car accident? Yes

14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 2 door

15. Favorite number? - got to be 5

16. Favorite movie?  Papillon

17. Favorite holiday? Christmas

18. Favorite dessert ? Jam Roly Poly

19. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?   -   knackered..!!!

20. Who will respond to this the fastest?    Ooooh couldn,t really say...

So have ago yourself and I,ll leave you with a journal page as usual.

Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

That was a good read for first thing in morning, can't believe it's art journaling tonight - husband and son both on 'we'll miss you' statements last night - bless em - my Mum's reply - 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' - strangely enough I didn't quote that at them LOL! The emergency kit looks awesome as always. Loving the journal pages absolutely gorgeous and the answers to the questions enlightening - glad to here no need to shoot guns in Harrogate - now the big question is will I get us lost again today - I just have that feeling I will - husband talked me through the journey yesterday on google earth but I just looked bewildered LMAO - hope you're having a lie in this morning because if you posted your blog 6 hours ago you're going to be a mighty tired lady later - or have you got some secret stash of adrenalin somewhere - see you later (hopefully not much much later)

thekathrynwheel said...

Finally! You filled in the questionaire! Don't blame me if the questions were tame - I just handed it on!!! LOVE this journal page - the head is coooool :-)
Have you persuaded Dina to stay and do a Saturday workshop yet?!

Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

Were you really born in Batley? So was I, in a maternity home that has long since disappeared. My parents lived in Birstall or Birkenshaw at the time I think but we'd moved to Sheffield before my siste was born 2 years later and to Leeds by the time my brother was born another 3 after that... so don't remember anything about it.

I think since flour is made from wheat which grows like talll grass in fields you can also count that as the 4th of your 5 a day. Chocolate counts too in my book as the cocoa beans grow on trees?


Laura (Faerielore) said...

Gorgeous journal page hun and loved learning all this info about you. I am an ultimate tattoo fan too, building quite the collect myself hehehehe tattoo No. 5, 6 and 7 are all waiting in the wings hahahahahaha when will it stop (probably when i have no space left !!!!) i love Kat Von D too such an amazin women her ink work is beautiful. You are a bad girl making me buy those gorgeous new tim holtz stamps, the letter ones, there stunning remind me of vintage tattoo lettering my purse is running away from me right now hehehehe

olive said...

that was some blog...... wish i could be on the journalling weekend! no money, so....... cant make it stretch any further! I love those ladies, unfortunately as i dont have a tv cant watch any 'ink' programmes.....Have a great time, Dyan, keep the faith. Ciao

olive said...

that was some blog...... wish i could be on the journalling weekend! no money, so....... cant make it stretch any further! I love those ladies, unfortunately as i dont have a tv cant watch any 'ink' programmes.....Have a great time, Dyan, keep the faith. Ciao

Sally said...

I love Kat Von D. Her portrait work is amazing. Can't wait to see your tatt.
Hoping to do another one of your fab workshops this year.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have just realised that you live in Harrogate..that was were l was married just over 37 years ago!I would love to be on one of your classes! I now live in Putney in London. Talking about not needing to shoot a gun in is where l learn to shoot! that was were my my husband(then an officer in the Army0 taught me to shoot!!! Anyway, sorry l am rambling. Good luck eith your coursesxlynda

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