Monday, April 6, 2009

From previews to bare bottoms. . .

Yup that's right all the workshops are up online ready for you all to book. We already have some classes near sellout just from the preview day!!! It was great to see lots of people that I taught at the Breakfast Workshops at the Harrogate Show., which was lovely. Its always great to have new students as well as regulars. Also had some surprise visits from some students from a while ago.Sunday as usual was quieter but still very productive.

Ben was in charge of the Preview as I was teaching the Art Journals class. We had a great time, discussing colour theory and the effect it has on our emotions. Although there was a lot of blank looks to start with , most of the class seemed to come round to the theories. And some even understood it fully lol.

Su brought along an old pair of dockers that she wanted to alter. So out came the alcohol inks. How cool are these now. ??

Shes going to wear them to class tomorrow, fully complete with Organza ribbons!!! Don't worry they will be featuring on shoe watch...

As promised some of the pages from my Colour Art Journal. Some are finished and some are works in progress,

Spent the day at home waiting for the Sky Engineer. He was amazed at the state of the cables and quickly sorted it for me Yayy!! I cleaned the house from top to bottom, so decided to spend the night on my painting. I,m working on a large collaged and painted piece and its really coming together now. Look at the state of me as usual lmao

Did a bit of courting last night. Went to the Cinema to see Bronson. I have a thing about prison films. I fell in love with Ray Winstone in Scum when I was a teenager and I have never looked back lol. You name the film I probably own it and love it, From Papillon and Cool Hand Luke to The Shawshank Redemption. This film was a cracker. Its all about the infamous British prisoner Charles Bronson. The lead role is played fabulously by Tom Hardy, and he deserves an award. And I have to tell you his bare bottom is a sight to behold. . !!


Unknown said...

Hurrah managed to book the canvas class with the handsome Ben am sooo glad there were places left x Your canvas looks FABULOUS!

Carole Bryson said...

Wow - that canvas is looking way cool !

angie's blogspot said...

the canvas is gorgeous, love the heart/buttons part, have to disagree about scum though, the potting shed bit really upsets me, but yeah ray winstons cool. xxx

Traceyr said...

Fabulous canvas there Dyan. :)

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