Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspiration overload

Today was Maisie day. She paid her usual trip to the studio for painting and general mess making. She then decided that I needed a handy man. So off she went hammering and fixing. Just not sure how I ended up with more holes than I started with..!!!
I wonder who she gets it from..??

Need to tell you about 2 fab new books that came in, and are flying out already. They are packed with inspiration and ideas and I feel they are a must.

The first is by Susan Tuttle with a great idea of a virtual art exhibition. She has gathered 36 mixed media artists together, with samples of their work ranging from collage to assemblage. Each artist gives a fascinating insight into their thought and work process and there are plenty of examples and step by steps. My favourite bit of the book are the ten art challenges to kick start your creativity. If this book doesn't inspire you I will be amazed.

The 2nd is by Sheri Gaynor and again contains artwork, and personal experiences from the 12 contributing artists. Creative Awakenings is a workshop in a book teaching you to realize your dreams and giving you the creative exercises, tools and techniques to use along the way. My fave thing in this book, if I have to narrow it down , is the Transformation deck of cards at the back of the book which will challenge you and push you further along the road of self discovery. They are just gorgeous and I can feel a handmade set coming along, lol.

We have also finally received re stocks of Claudines latest book set. Again another one I love. Don't be misled by the word Scrapbooker in the title. This book and sets of card decks are just fab for finding inspiration through colour in many art forms. There are one set of colour cards and one set of prompts. The idea is to mix and match to kick start your art process. There is also a book full of ideas and galleries to assist you along the way.

Which to start with thats the problem..

Enjoy xx

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thekathrynwheel said...

Do I NEED more art books? Hmmmm, maybe I do........ Can you have TOO many?? :-)))

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