Thursday, July 31, 2008


What a miserable wet rainy day. Is that it? Has summer gone forever? Never mind shoe watch I can feel welly watch coming on. Here's today's beauties. With rain and puddles like we have had today it's good to be high up off the ground!!

Spent the day prepping for tomorrows alcohol ink class. I love using alcohol inks and as you can guess my favorites are the brights - Natures walk set, wild plum, butterscotch and stream - total Blonde Moments colours. You never know we might even be able to bring out some Blonde Moments colours in the alcohol ink range - oooh the brain cogs are whirring as I speak.

Because I am prepping and not teaching I can play whatever music I like in the studio. At the moment I can't get enough of Sharleen Spiteri's new album - Melody. It is very 60's and very soulful. Her voice is totally amazing and at this rate I will probably wear the CD out. Here's a list of my top 5 Cd's at the moment in the order I play them.

1, Melody - Sharleen Spiteri

2, Rockferry - Duffy

3, Mamma Mia - Movie Soundtrack

4, Out on the Floor - Northern Soul Floorshakers

5, Greatest Hits - Jim Reeves (I know this one always surprises everyone).

DY xx

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Michelle Green said...

Those shoes are gorgeous Dy! I'm afraid I am on a self imposed shoe diet so I shall just have to steal your new shoe vibes to get me through it!

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