Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy, busy class...phew!

Phew what a day. We have just finished the technique mirror class, 32 tiles of ten techniques all mosaiced onto a mirror frame. Action packed, technique after technique! It required alot of concentration by all and could have gone horribly wrong, but worked out fabulous. Everyones mirror was stunning, much to the suprise of many!! At one point you could hardly see the table as there was so much equipment on there. It took us nearly as long to clear up as it did to teach! Overall it was well worth it.

I am writing this whilst sat in one of my childrens classes. They are totally engrossed in their stitching, so I am at abit of a loose end. This week school ends and so do all three of my childrens classes. What am I going to do without them? I will miss them so much over the summer.
Talking of missing people, Jay and Emmi have gone on holiday today. To sunny Greece for a whole week. What am I going to do?

1, I will be able to get in the bathroom
2, I will be able to find all my make up
3, All cups and plates will stay in the kitchen
4, My clothes will stay clean and ironed in there proper place.
5, I will save so much time and petrol by not having them around
6, I am going to be so bored!!

They only went today and I miss them already. How bad is that? They are 20 and 22 years old - how long does this go on for? I don't really want to know what they get up to, but I hope they have a fantastic time.
Today at work I am wearing my fave ever shoes. I'm a child of the 70's and I just love big clumpy wedges. I have tons of pairs much to the disgust of the kids. These are pretty special. Working all the trends - wood, peeptoe, t-bar and mustard bows.........all that for "12 hows about that!!
Love Dy ♥♥♥

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Anonymous said...

This was the best class I've done in ages - loved it sooo much I came home and made another with bigger blocks in the tealey blue colours - if I could work out how to upload the picture I'd show you!

Not so sure about the yellow shoes though.....

S xx

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