Friday, April 10, 2020

Dylusions - Day by Day 2020

Dylusions Day by Day 2020

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you're all keeping safe during this crazy crazy time!! Here's a little something for you to join in with to help try take your mind off things for a few hours! 

I've done a day by day Dyalog which I'd love for you to do aswell! It doesn't have to be in the Dyalog, it can be in a journal or whatever you would like. I've done it in the grid Dyalog but any of them are great e.g if you don't want to decorate backgrounds us the ready made background Dyalog/ Jumpstart journal.

The first 5 videos are all about preparing your Dyalog including doing backgrounds, borders, stencils etc then the first day starts on April 1st 2020 and will run until the end of the month. 
I've done a page for each day and have put the videos up onto Youtube - Links below (more added each day) 

The colours that I have used for the backgrounds are listed below but feel free to use any colours you want/have:
Desert Sand
Fiery Sunset
Pink Flamingo

Blue Lagoon
Island Parrot
Balmy Night

Part 1 - Preparing your Dyalog

Part 2 - Enhancing the Backgrounds

Enhancing the Backgrounds Youtube Video Link

Part 3 - Borders

Part 4 - Calendar

Part 5 - Introductory Page

Part 6 - April 1st 2020

Part 7 - April 2nd 2020

Part 8 - April 3rd 2020

Part 9 - April 4th 2020

Part 10 - April 5th 2020

Part 11 - April 6th 2020

Part 12 - April 7th 2020

April 7th 2020 Youtube Video Link

Part 13 - April 8th 2020

Part 14 - April 9th 2020

Part 15 - April 10th 2020

Part 16 - April 11th 2020

Part 17 - April 12th 2020

Part 18 - April 13th 2020

Part 19 - April 14th 2020

Part 20 - April 15th 2020

Part 21 - April 16th 2020

Part 22 - April 17th 2020

Part 23 - April 18th 2020

Part 24 - April 19th 2020

Part 25 - April 20th 2020

Part 26 - April 21st 2020

Part 27 - April 22nd 2020

Part 28 - April 23rd 2020

Hope you enjoy all the videos!!


Unknown said...

Dyan, I have been loving this series. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for letting us into your process. Thank you for everything! :-)

Marisa said...

Thank you for the daily videos, I always watch them with a smile in my face, love your company, your chatting, your giggles, your 'woops'... and, girl, I am learning so much from you.
I can't go to your in person classes but what a fun they must be!
Thank you again, Xoxo ❤

Rika said...

stunning projects of artwork!

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