Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentines Card, Gift Wrap & Ribbon Step-by-Step

With Valentines Day just around the corner We have put together a Love themed Dylusions Step-by-Step for you, consisting of a Card, Gift Wrap and Matching ribbon.

Please Note: You can make the same projects using any colours and stencils of your choice, however I will just talk you through the Step-by-Step in the ones I used. 
To start with You will need;
 Dylusions Paints, Bubblegum Pink and Squeezed Orange
 Tim Holtz Blending tool
Dylusions Stencil - Suits 9x12 
Brown Paper - This can be parcel wrap or gift wrap, the one I have used was just from a local supermaket 

To starts unroll the Gift Wrap to the size you would like to decorate. Taking the Heart stencil from the Dylusions - Suits Stencil pack, Using the Bubblegum Pink paint & blending tool paint the heart leaving enough space to add the orange heart in-between.
As You can see I have positioned my hearts slightly off centre.

Then using the Dylusions Squeezed Orange Paint repeat the process filling in the gaps between the pink hearts.

Next You will need; 
- The 'Love' stamp is from Dylusions - Word Love Stamp Set or We also have the Dylusions 'love' stamp on an individual wood mounted stamp - Love Word

Take the Love Word Stamp, Stamp onto the pink hearts using the Black Marble ink and onto the orange hearts using the Bubblegum Pink ink.

Next using the Dylusions Black marble Paint Pen doodle around the Bubblegum Pink hearts

I have then doodled around the Squeezed Orange Hearts using the New Dylusions Postbox Red Paint Pen 

Here it is all doodled 

Next You will need;

Using the Bubblegum Pink Ink Pad stamp the circle in-between the hearts

And that is Your Valentines Gift Wrap complete!

Now We are onto the Ribbon, You will need the following;
Tim Holtz - Crinkle Ribbon
Dylusions Ink Sprays - Bubblgum Pink and Squeezed orange
Water Mister

Take your piece of ribbon & spritz all over with water. Then Using your Squeezed Orange Spray Ink, spray patches of Orange and then Bubblegum Pink.
Once Sprayed all over put to one side to dry, or You can speed up the drying process using a heat tool.

Take a Dylusions #10 Journal Tag - Mixed Media, using the left over spray from your ribbon mop it up using your tag and ou should get something similar to the above  (We don't like to waste anything!!) We are going to be using this for the Valentines card.

Next using the same technique as You did on the gift Wrap, Paint 2 Squeezed Orange Hearts and cut out. I have then edged the hearts using the bubblegum Pink & Blending tool.

Next using the Dylusions - Background Love Flower Stamp, Stamp it all over both of your orange hearts using the Black ink Pad.

Now Stamp the border stamp around your journal tag and Love word at the bottom in Black Ink. The border stamp is from the Dylusions - Anatomy of A Page Stamp Set

Next all you have to do is put it all together, Wrap you present and tie with your matching pretty ribbon. I have also used a piece of the ribbon in the journal tag hole before I stuck it onto the card.

I hope You have enjoyed our Valentines Blog & I'm sure your loved ones will love them!

Love Jay x

2 comments: said...

I love that I actually have everything it takes to make fact, I think I'll start these (maybe even complete them) this weekend, too! I have gathered a few goodies, for my oldest Granddaughter (her name is Jacy) and this card/wrap/tag ensemble will be SO perfect to put them all together! Wonderful work...I love it! (it would appear that I am commenting loudly, what with all my exclamation points...I would rather think it's because I am just happy and excited to be at my crafting desk with a super project to start 🤗) Y'all have a wonderful weekend and a great, big, Texas "Thank You!", for a delightful tutorial!

Julie said...

I love it!!!

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