Monday, July 28, 2014

Rain in Dallas..??

This was the scene from the plane window at 6am this morning, a torrential storm…we had to sit on the runway for a while but we made it through.

I have just spent a fabulous weekend teaching some lovely ladies at Scrapbook n Such, Wichita Falls.

Almost my name in lights, lol.

First day ready to go..

Gayle behaved herself this year but still managed to make a mess

Its not a proper weekend without a cheeky Margarita, is it.??

Day 2 ready to go..

Loving the Dylusioned aprons of Marie and Christine 

I made some new friends…

and packed it all up ready for Guadeloupe's next week in Santa Fe.

I'm currently sat in Dallas airport waiting for a flight to Phoenix to see my favourite creative genius Dina Wakely. We will be spending a few days working our fingers to the bone, nonstop…oh ok we may spare a few minutes for a wee bit of frivolity and a visit to the Mothership. I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy xx


texasbarb said...

Hope you arrived safely in Dina-land. So wish I could be a fly on the wall when you two are together. You both are on the very top of my list of most favorite people!! Have fun with Dina...know you will!!

Caroline D. said...

It's always fun to read about your adventures! Know everyone had a ball creating in your workshops... looks like lots of inky fun! Thanks for sharing the good times with us!

Delo said...

Santa Fe WooHoo! Can't wait for Santa Fe! So looking forward to the classes. Safe travels.

Carol McCready said...

Such fun pictures.

Stephanie said...

looks like a blast!

Christine J said...

Enjoyed your class! It was awesome! Safe travels to you.

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