Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And so the trip begins...

…first stop Akron in Cleveland with the fabulous Stampers Anonymous team. Friday is the day we set up the booth for the show. After building it in record time, it was out for food and a couple of cheeky Margaritas.

Somehow the airline managed to misplace all three of my suitcases, and even worse couldn't find where they were lol. After slowly panicking for a few days and appearing in public, make up free and extremely frizzy haired, it was a welcome sight to see these beauties arriving at midnight before the show opening.

Suitably scrubbed and polished, and I was ready to face the crowds. It was so lovely to see so many excited ladies and I was kept busy from start to finish.

This was the before picture of my stamps, they went through them like a swarm of locusts, lol

Saturday night is Hibachi night, one of my favourites. My dinner date was Master Stampers Anonymous himself, the lovely Trevor.

Sunday was back to demoing all day to an eager crowd.

What a fabulous show. Thank you to all of you who came to see me and made it so enjoyable.

The following day Mrs SA, the fabulous Michelle took me antiquing to a ginormous mall. I was in my element squealing at all the treasures.

I was very tempted by this, twins personifying good and evil, but managed to resist.

I was going back for these Pyrex fridge dishes but completely forgot, duh !!!

You just can't turn down a hat trying on session, can you?

What do you think..??

Now this little beauty left me devastated to leave it behind. A self contained enamel kitchenette with working fridge and oven.

Just look at the condition. Unfortunately it won't fit into my suitcase or I would have snapped it up…

 Same with this little beauty, I am sure that my smalls would fit through the mangle lol

This however, I was happy to leave behind… a doctors examining table, complete with stirrups. Eeek brings tears to my eyes…

I was actually extremely restrained with my purchases

A black Persian Lamb jacket with matching hat and amazing I managed to stumble across a matching muff as well. You can never pass up a good muff. !!
But my best find was a leopard skin wide legged cat suit…there was no way I was leaving that baby behind, let me tell you!
Did I buy the 50's hat and veil.?? Well now, that would be telling, lol

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

I would have to have the kitchen set.. been looking for one for my little building. Do you recall where you seen it. lol ( for real) we can always share it. The muff in red is a killer.. but I want to see the leopard skin wide legged cat suit. That sounds like a winner.

Helen said...

your cases seem to have a habit of not arriving at the same time as you do... Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Caroline D. said...

LOL Oh my word.... you need to write a book!!! Hilarious stuff! And you're cute as ever in all those snazzy outfits and try-ons!

Glad you had a good show... you bring joy to so many people ya' know. :)

Rett said...

I have a set of the pyrex dishes. Mine are about 40 years old...the bigger ones are green..and the two smaller ones are yellow. If I ever meet you face to face I'll bring them with me. They're yours if you want them :)

The Hardy Stamper said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip and please give Jim and Cesar hugs from me.

Barb said...

Hi Dyan - is there any way you could send me the photo that you took when Ali and I visited Art from the Heart on April 12 th. Not sure where my brain was - must have been overwhelmed by the star power! LOL

Unknown said...

It was so amazing (and exciting) at having the chance to meet you on Saturday in Akron, after the initial shock of seeing you there lol, I could barely keep it together. I am sure you might recall me on Saturday, and I am typically far more composed. I have to admit seeing your inks in person was great to see just how intense they em all!

Take care, happy crafting and safe trips!

Chisgetta said...

Looking gorgeous as ever Dy. Unfazed by the vanishing luggage - Has the airline got it in for you??!
Don't work too hard! xxx

Carol McCready said...

Great photos. Love the little kitchenette.

Unknown said...

Dyan, I am dying to see the cat suit. Pictures please? Or show us whatever you brought back. Glad everything went according to plan for you. Mustn't work too hard, my dear. Take time to rest too. Carrie

texasbarb said...

EEK!!! I can't imagine being without my suitcases for DAYS!!! So glad you got them!!

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