Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here we go again….

This weekend was spent in the company of some wonderful women in Denmark. I was teaching at a intimate retreat organised by the lovely Charlotte.

My elf this weekend was the fabulous Bezzie Su and we quickly took charge of proceedings.

For some reason Mini Me had a bit of a face on her…

So we let her play in the countryside.

Su got all excited when she discovered fill your own teabags…

Saturday mornings class was so full of promise…

...until I started to demo the inks. Cue unimpressed face !!!

The Danes keep their buildings so hot that the dry temperature was not exactly conducive to good blending. no matter what I tried, the ink was drying before it hit the page. After a lot of trial and error I had to open the classroom doors to drop the temperature, freezing everyone out in the process..!!! Not that it was cold, as you can see I was wearing a sleeveless dress, and even then I was roasting.

After class we went into town for a meal and Su casually dropped into conversation that she wanted to go to Netto!!! Yes you heard me NETTO..!!!

Cue another totally unimpressed face.


It doesn't take much to make her happy.

Result… bagged ourselves the last two unicorns.

We ended the day with a couple of traditional Danish cups of tea.

Sunday dawned bright and early. We couldn't understand why everyone was standing. Then I found out I was supposed to sit first, oops.

ooh look the sun always shines on the righteous, snort !!

Su quickly improvised with a door hanging.

Today I was ready for the indoor heat and  cooled the room temperature right down.

As you can see I was too hot but the chill was setting in for the Danes.

I love this photo…. coats, scarves, miserable faces…

But alls well that ends well…

 No Anja you can't come home with us…it will be too cold for you in my house…lol.

Thank you to all the students for putting up with the strange way Dylusions reacts to your weather and for bearing with me while I thought on my feet and came up with solutions. It was an unforgettable experience, lol.

mahoosive thanks to Charlotte for hosting the event and looking after us so well.

I'm sure we'll be back for round two..!!

Enjoy xx


Anne said...

thank you so much for this week-end. It has been one of the best times I have ever been a part of

Karina Beck said...

Thanks for a great Sunday. It was a really good course. Please come back to Denmark again another time.!!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant blog post, you are hilarious. And I love the mini-Dyan, she's adorable.

JEANNE said...

i love reading your posts and especially your ranger videos they all make me smile and laugh, hopefully you will come to Maine USA and for a workshop

Caroline D. said...

LOL at the unimpressed faces... I think it's more bad timing of the camera because I know everyone must have had a fantastic time! I enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading your comments... thanks!

julie said...

I like your mini me xxx its looks like everyone had a good time

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