Monday, May 6, 2013

Wonderful time at Whimsodoodle....

Yaayyyy how fab to be around for Cinco De Mayo. Of course we had to join in the would be rude not to, surely.!!!

The lovely Jill with her adorable daughter Taylor  and assistant Jo

Think George is overplaying his part.!!

Then it was over to see what the die hard scrapbookers where up to on their National scrapbook weekend.

He he Emily.. a kindred spirit

Saturday was the start of my journaling workshops.

 Fabulous weekend, fabulous students. Here are some of the pages I did in my teaching journal.

After the last session has ended I always do a draw for someone to win the journal I have been working in.

 Jill had the job of pulling out the winning ticket.

I was so pleased that the journal went to this lovely lovely lady. She was at all four of my workshops along with her grandaughter...that's dedication !!

These two kept me going all weekend...just love spending time with them.

And my youngest student this trip, only 12 and still journaling when the classes had finished!!

We had a lovely lazy day today driving to my next destination and running errands!!! in an antique emporium..LOL

And we treated ourselves to brunch at the famous Columbia restaurant at Ybor.

Famous for it's 1905 salad...

And cuban sandwich..


 Oooops think we over ordered, lol

Then onto The Villages, and She Scrapbooks, t set up for four more workshops.

The lovely Stephanie

And the lovely Yvonne

And this little beauty is a blooming onion !!

What do you think of this wallpaper. Ideal for a splash of colour on a feature wall??

Or every corridor in a massive hotel, lol.

Aww look what was left in my sweet.

So it's off to bed for a good nights sleep and will see you tomorrow..

Enjoy xx


borgqueen said...

Love the idea of winning your journal - how fab ;o)
Have fun spreading more journal joy then HURRY home!
Please leave that wall paper there though!

The Hardy Stamper said...

Looks like you're having a lot of fun and that onion looks bloomin' lovely!

Debbie said...

All I can say Dy is WOW and OMG.

Ann said...

Looks like you had fun and met lots of lovely crafty people. But you must be shattered!!

Enjoy whilst you can!

Neil said...

Wowsers, looks like you've been busy having a great tie both working and playing!

Claudine said...

What an awesome prize, winning your journal, nice!! Looks like your having a fab time! Thanks for sharing Dyan.

Sharon Y said...

Looks like a great time. Fantastic journal pages. What a great idea to give it away. Thanks for sharing.

debbie r said...

That wallpaper would make fabulous dress material :-)

Sue said...

So sorry to have missed the fun at Whim So Doodle. Keeping my fingers crossed that next time you are here, I will get to come and play. Looks like everyone had a fab time!

Carol McCready said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Love all those journal pages.

Arts by Sara said...

Fabulous to see all of the wonderful people you were with! Glad you had a chance to share the pictures! I love seeing all of your creations! Sorry for being a bit late, things have been very crazy around here!!!

Salla said...

Your colourful blog pages are such a joy to look at!

Kathyk said...

Your workshop looked FABULOUS Dyan - I bet everyone had a ball. I've eaten at the Colombia in Ybor and can vouch for the Cuban sandwiches!

Have a great weekend


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