Friday, September 21, 2012

Ha ha forgot to put a title...Oooops...

Hey everyone, hows you..?? Yup I am, as usual these days, late blogging, due to the days of the week getting shorter and the hours in each day somehow halving.!!! Wtf!!!

Are you all having the same problem.? 


That'll be just me then, lol.

I can't believe that we are into September already. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

Any way just wanted to show you some canvas's from my workshop last Sunday. The ladies were fabulous and my best class ever. mind you I do say that at every class lol.!!!

If you are taking my workshops in Kansas next week, this is one of them, and believe me now, if you don't take it you will kick yourself when you see what every one makes. Don't say I didn't warn you...that is all !!!!! lol.

So here we go.

The lovely Ruth

 and her lovely Mum Anne

The lovely Tracy who was dragged in terrified by a friend, lol.

The lovely lodger, Gemma

The lovely Deb

The lovely hilary

The lovely Jackie

There is someone under her honest, it's the lovely Gill

 and last but not least, the lovely OCD Tam, lol.

You have to admit they did a fabulous job. This is one of my most popular workshop and I always have a mahoosive waiting list.

We have finally finished the shop move and are about to put the finishing touches into place. Thank you so much for bearing with us through all the building works but we are now back up and fully running. Plus contrary to the gossip I have heard on that unbelievable grapevine.!!! I am not in trouble, or going out of business, lol. I have taken the decision to down size because I don't need to pay the astronomical rent when we didn't need all that space. But it does make me laugh how people add 2 + 2 and come up with 55..

New products are arriving and flying out the door everyday and if you are signed up to our newsletter, Our Ben will be keeping you informed of everything. If you aren't signed up to the newsletter..."How very dare you" !!! Get signed up immediately or you won't know when my most perfect ever journal will have landed. Oh yes peeps after being stuck in American customs for an absolute age, we are only days away from them landing in the shop. And it's first come first served, as they say, and newsletter people always find out first..!!!

Okay so I have sent off all my new designs, my workshop details, all my instruction lists and kit specifications, so I think my work is done for the day.

Mind you I will be back over the weekend showcasing some fabulous work. The lovely peeps on face book decided to set up a fan page in my honour. Oooh how exciting.!! Actually in reality the post the worst and stupidest photos of me ever. If you go on there I don't look like that honest.
Anyhows I set them a challenge and they had to post the results on my f/b fan page and the Art from the Heart page. 

Well my flabber was well and truly ghasted when I saw the high standard of work produced. They have fair done me proud, so much so that I can't pick a winner. Sooooo I am going to throw the names in a hat and pick one out tomorrow tea time. If you fancy joining in you need to join HERE and HERE on Face book. If you are wanting to be my friend lol, you need the Dyan Reaveley that is wearing the false moustache and glasses (don't even go there!!!). Hope you'll join in.!! The added bonus is I update there every day so you don't miss out on whats going on at Reavely Towers, so double bonus all round.

By the way think I have solved the erratic posting on the blog...Solution...Guest bloggers..!!!

Oh yes, i am going to get the teachers blogging, the Design Team blogging, I'll suck up to a few names in the industry and rope them in, sorry gently entice them !!!

Now that's a plan and a half, lol.

I'll leave you with a couple of journal pages and see y'all soon. (He he that Jim Hankins has been corrupting me with Texas speak )

Enjoy xx


Fuchsia said...

Oh Wow Ladies stunning work !

Kaz Hall said...

fabulous canvases and have loved looking at all the entries in the facebook group!!
Oooo guest bloggers look cannot wait!
big snogs!

Debbie said...

Hi Dy.
Cannot wait to see you on Sunday 7th October.
Am busy the day Angie and I usually come to Harrogate to see you and do GNPE, but we have found a few hours slot on the Sunday, so so excited to see the "New" area.
ha ha how people gossip, It makes me laugh. My Mum always says "If they are taling about you, they are leaving some other poor bugger alone".....
gorgeous Canvas's, cannot wait 'till we can get over for another class, your Star book goes everywhere with me to be shown off.....still cannot bellieve I made that!
love Debbie, see you on the 7th.X

Miranda said...

the canvases look all superfantastic and your pages are totally stunning
enjoyed entering your challenge and all the entries look awesome, so much inspiration floating around

Sue said...

Gorgeousamundo canvasses! I have loved every one of the I Believe In Me works on the FB group. They are ALL my favorites! Can't wait to see who your guest bloggers will be!!

Monica said...

Very Teasha journal pages.

catherine said...

Well done to everyone and they all look so fantastic. Great journal pages Dyan
x catherine

Tamsin said...

Oh wow! My canvas and I am on he internet. I still can't believe that I actually created that, from scratch, in a day! I am so proud of it! Thanks Dyan for making it so simple, so straightforward and so fun! I had a fabulous day and am amazed by what I managed to produce!

If this class is half as successful in Kansas then there'll be a lot of happy people and a lot of awesome canvases! said...

all the art is so wonderful. It is lifting me from in my day. delightful whimsy art that i just can't take my eyes off of.
susan s.

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