Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh deer..!!!

Didn't we have a lovely time
The day we had our Preview.
A beautiful day, we had lunch on the way
And all for under a pound, you know!
 Around  the  back Kaz cuddled with Jack
And Su opened a bottle of cider
Singing a few of our favourite songs
As the workshops went around...

Yup it was Preview and Taster workshop day, yesterday. A big mahoosive thank you to all of those who came, saw, and partook in the frivolities. A glorious time was had by one and all.

We had taster workshops by the lovelies Sandra and Kaz

and the lovely Kate and me. Joined in this piccie by the lovely Debra who is addicted to our place, lol.

Bezzie Su was there in charge of the refreshment tent. Don't panic the gorgeous Teresa and girlies had done all the baking, so there was nothing for Su to cremate.!

Sandra was rather taken with my new glasses.

Kaz got into the spirit of the occasion with a fifties frock and a bandanna. I stuck to a subtle little number of  leopardskin and brothel creepers.

Even the customers are getting the bug. With a matching shirt here is the lovely Nicki, making her Art from the Heart debut in matching animal print.

You may recall that I was highly disappointed last week at the non arrival of a stuffed stag for my birthday, but I was trying to remain extremely optimistic that one may appear for Mothers Day.

Well the lovely Kaz brought me a belated birthday pressie. Can you guess what it is.???

Yes it is my very own stag for my living room. He wasn't quite what I was hoping for!! Mind you who would have expected that you could have a stag that actually sang Motown.?? Yes you heard me correctly, it only frikkin sings to me. It's mouth moves and it's antlers flap. It is frikkin hilarious. I have named him Archibald, very befitting I feel, and he will take pride of place in my 50's parlour.

 The lovely Katie and her lovely assistant Bekah, were kept busy on the tills and filling the diary right up until we closed the doors at 5.30.

Kaz was so worn out that Su had to feed her profiteroles to keep her energy levels  up for the drive home.

I was shattered and so retired to bed early with some vintage books to peruse and a small sherry. This early retiring resulted with me being awake at the crack of dawn, so I felt it only polite to go fondle my fabric bolts and play with my sewing machine. Well it would have seemed rude not to.!! don't you think?

So I am now half way through a new vintage pattern and a few mtrs of red telephone box material. Hopefully by the time I get back from the workshop I will still have the energy to finish it off. I really want to wear it on my next American excursion. Oh yes plenty of time, weeks, days even. What.???? Tuesday, ??? Aaargh that came round quickly. Oh well nor rest for the wicked eh.??

Here's today's outfit. Another vintage pattern in a modern tattoo material. And just love these red shoes. 

Forgot to show you these the other week, my fabby vintage find of two Soulet oil paintings. Many people scoffed at them, but i buddy love them. If you have any of these lurking in your shed or loft,  I can give them a wonderful home and save them from other peoples derision.!! Call it a public service if you like. tee hee.

If you thought I was barking you need to pay a visit to the wonderful blog of Helga Von Trollope. I have fallen in love with her and her wonderful outfits. She makes me look like your maiden aunt, which is quite a feat I can tell you, lol.

Go take a look and enjoy xx


Nicki said...

Ha ha! You had a very busy day, I'm so glad I made it. Hubby said I could stayed a bit longer too. Your shop is fabulous, so much eye candy.
Please share your finished dress.
Have a great trip across the pond. Next time I visit I'm bringing an army of friends.
I love the picture.

P.s it was fab to finally meet

Michelle Webb said...

Wowee, was all this going on yesterday when I was engrossed in all the journals on the table? Thank you for your advice yesterday Dyan. Loved your shop so much I have dedicated the first page in my first ever art journal, which you had recommended to me yesterday, to AFTH. What an amazing place to visit. Michelle xx

vinny said...

wish I could have visited but never mind. Your blog never fails to make me laugh and put a big smile on my face x Lavinia

Unknown said...

Cor gutted to have missed the day yesterday as I could only come to Harrogate today (teaching yesterday! all because of you mmmwwwaaahhhh)and there was hardly any TH at the show without you what on earth is going on??? I will now console myself with a peruse around the cyber shop imagining I was with you all. Hugs to you, Ben, Bessie Su and Sandy - yet to meet Kaz and Kate but hugs to them anyway xx and yet more for all your behind the scenes folks xx hope to be along soon x Janet

Kaz Hall said...

Had the best time Mrs!! thank you tons!! Now no pressure and its not like to are busy or anything but I need a new dress!! LOL!! I loooovvveee your pictures gorgeous!! Did Mr babe freak at Archibald??
loves u too

kaz x x

Sandra Hall said...

Oh my I've had a treat laughing at your post and Kaz's! Hope Katie recovers from the Archibald concert! Great fun :)
Have to say you look extra special beautiful in the last photo x x x

margaret said...

Just wish lived in Yorkshite, I was born there but moved south. Nowitsjust too far for a visit. But planning to visit soon and hopefully take in a few workshops with you guys. I had Kate Cranes DVD for mothers day what a good son. Margaret in Suffolk

Redanne said...

I cam, I saw, I loved it all and spent load of money, which was great. Love, love, love Archibald!

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I would so love to have been there!

Nancy said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all! Love the new dress - and Archbald! What a hoot!

Stampersue said...

Hi Dyan I had the bestest day on Saturday and loved the worshops. I haven't laughed so much in ages especially when you appeared with Archibald.

Thanks so much for making my day.

Stampersue. X

Siobhan Brignull said...

stunning outfit Dy, glad you had a nice day, will get there to see all the wonders of AFTH one day,soon I hope x

Debbie said...

Hi Dyan.
Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday, it was lovely to see you again and to finally meet Kate, after "talking" to her on the blog!
As always a big thank you to "your Ben", he is just fab and knows the answers to the questions asked of him, I just love his wrapping when I recieve an order from you. Cannot wait to try my sprays, they looked so lovely.
Hope you had a great day, and your singing "Deer" was hylarious.
Up here in the Lake District we have loads of oldie worldy pubs so if I see a "Real deer head" I will see if they are selling one!!
Had a lovely chat with Sandy in the car park, how lovely she is.
Your photo's are good, and thank you for taking time out to have a photo with me. Good luck in America and keep us all smiling with your escapades. Take care and see you in June for a demo day. Debbiexxx

Chris said...

OMG I can imagine there were quite a few tena lady's needed with all those high jinks rofl. Wish I could have been there!!
A singing reindeer and singing crafters...what more could a girl ask for and Archibald ha ha ha...great name!!
Your blog always makes me giggle out loud :)
Chris x

Angela Weimer said...

Looks like a great time. Wish I was there. Love your new dress. Wish I could sew a pattern.Last time I tried I gave up and made it without. I am pattern illiterate. Hope all is well. Have a great day. Angela

Candy C said...

I so loved reading your blog guys were having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!! I could hear the laughter just oozing from your place! Love your outfits!! The vintage 50s cool and looks fabulous on you! The leopard print...I wish you would come out of your shell and wear something that would draw attention to you! Haha It's awesome! Kaz found the perfect birthday gift for you!!! Archibald is hilarious! He will look nice hanging next to Jesus. Does Archibald sing "Jesus Loves Me?" :)
Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about my first ever journal pages...and they are Dylusional!! I had so much fun making them! Your comment means more to me than you know! :)
<3 Candy

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