Saturday, May 28, 2011

At last.....!!! Patience is a virtue..!!!!

Big big BIG apologies for my non blogging. For some reason I have been lock out of my blog for the past ten days.!! Howe frikkin inconvenient do you think that has been.?? We tried all sorts, bit of this, bit of that, bit of gentle persuasion, a right good old fashioned battering...all to no avail.We had just about given up hope when it decided to appear again. So we are back on track with added security measures to hopefully prevent it all from happening again.

This is a photo I took a week ago whilst trying to get into it...

And here's one, after trying, unsuccessfully, for hours...

There is now tons to bring you up to date with, so apologies but it is going to have to be a condensed version, otherwise you would get eyestrain from reading it, lol.

The portrait painting workshop was rammed with 15 students and they did an absolutely fantastic job as you can see from the photos.

My latest 'really, really can't live without' pair of shoes....from my fave site Pin Up Girl Clothing

For fans of the Master himself Mr Tim Holtz, he is realising one of his dreams and has released a line of ready made products. They previewed at The New York Stationery show, and include canvas's, note cards, journals, and bags. You can see Tim's photos HERE. needless to say I personally feel I need to have them all, just need to convince Our Ben of that fact, lol

This was a pic of his stand. Fabby isn't it..??? He is always the genius at designing his stands and people flock to them.

I taught a really great bunch of newbie Art Journalers last weekend and they were truly fabulous. We laughed all weekend and, at times, the tone was lowered to hilarious levels, and they left with knowledge they had never even dreamed of lol.

Here's a little pic of me looking a bit Amazonian.

It isn't a trick of light I am actually that tall, when standing next to the students whilst wearing my yabba dabba doo Red or Dead wedges. I think I am 6ft 4in in them, lmao

I am knee deep in preparing workshops for the next few months , and so will give you a quick reminder about our preview/taster day on Sat the 4th June.

You will be able to see all the workshops n the flesh, so to speak, and there is also the chance to participate in some mini workshops, with either me, Kate or Sandy. All workshops booked, in person, on the day will receive 10% discount.. What more could you ask for..?? Oh yes, of course...tea and buns...!!

See HERE for more details.

I am also busy designing my new stamp ranges and trying to sort out my schedule for CHA in Chicago. I am having an extended stay this time to allow time for teaching at THE most fabulous store..more details to follow.

Going to leave you with a page from my Ledger Journal

Enjoy xx


Martha Richardson said...

I know how you feel...every time you blog I respond with some witty comment and then later that day I get returned mail saying the comment can't be delivered. So I'm trying agin because I LOVE your blog...I feel like I'm seeing YOU!!! Bets...will this go through or not??

Marit said...

That can be soooo frustrating, if 'the machine' decides to go on his own and doesn't do what YOU want him to do (oh yes, computers are male! Definitely! It's all about ones and zero's...) Anyway, glad you're back! Enjoy, enjoy, like I enjoy your art journal page!

Debby said...

Ok please give us the deets soon about where you will be teaching in the Chicago area. Since I am in the US and not far from there I need to finally meet you if life permits. Would love to take a journaling class.

Julie Kirk said...

Blogger wouldn't log me in either, when I tried it with Internet Explorer. But it did work in Firefox - if that's any help.

Linda M. Cain said...

Lookin' good!!!


Angela Weimer said...

Glad to see you back. I think most people have been having blog problems, I know I have had to completely ditch IE and got to Google Chrome. Such a nightmare it has been. Heard you have converted my friend Anne to a lover of your classes too! Hope to get there on the 4th. Have a great day. Angela

Tracy said...

great to see you back and looking all Amazon,lol!!
Loving the shoes and your journal page!!
i also have problems when i post a comment to you and it ends up returned eeeekk so thought i would have a go cause i love reading your blog and seeing what you have been up to.
big hugs

fatmonica said...

Classes look like fun and I'm really loving those shoes!

Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

I'm glad it's not just me. After a long gap I finally got round to blogging and was stumped by an inexplicable refusal by blogger to actually display a post.
Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday.

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