Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New workshops and a visit to the South..!!!

Oh yes I am still here..!!! I havent blogged much, as you know, but by the time I,ve finished for the day, my eyes are buggered and I can't focus on the screen, lol. Mind you I have been extremeley busy preparing all the workshops up to Christmas. They are now all online for you to see and book HERE.

Heres a load of sneek peeks for you all.

Sooooooo..!!! plenty there to wet your appetite I think.. We already have a sell out on one and a few are getting there, so don't leave it too long now.

For those of you in the South who have complained I haven't been there for a while, I,ll see you Sat/Sun. Yup we are coming to the stamp show at Alexander Palace. We have only taken a little stand, due to me not being that brill, but it will be packed with lots of exciting things for you. Please come and say hello, we are right at the far end of the hall. And don't forget, luvvly, luvvly, blog readers, to let us know who you are, lol..!!

This will mean that the shop and studio will be closed while we are away, but will reopen Tuesday as per usual.

See you soon

Enjoy xx


Helen said...

Gorgeous sneak peaks of your workshops, wish I could get "that far north" lol, but I WILL see you on Saturday at AP. So pleased you are up to it.

Clare H said...

oh bummer I was gonna pop over on Saturday to pick up my stamps LOL

Have a good time at the show


Craphty said...

Had a great time at Art Journaling last Sunday. Hope you have a sell out weekend down south, BUT take care of yourself. Looking forward to the new workshops. x C

Shirley said...

Great classes!

Rhayne said...

I really love your little zombie kids with their winter gear on :) Would love to take one of your classes but the commute from across the ocean is a bit much. So, until I can sneak in a class during one of my visits with family, I will drool from my living room.

Anonymous said...

Now when are you coming to Southern CALIFORNIA my friend! You need to bring your lovely products here! RIGHT NOW don't you know I need them??? I must have them???

Debo said...

Wow! what amazing things you have created! I was already drawling!
And THEN - you said you're coming to Ally Pally! Can my day get any better?

olive said...

have a great time, enjoy yourself.... Ciao

Faerielore said...

oh my god how excited am i now cant wait to see you at Alley Palley woohoo, you best save me some of those gorgeous dylusions i need them so badly !!!! hehehe the hubby is coming with me this year for the first time HAHAHA he doesnt know what he has let himelf in for

see you on sunday xxxx

Piddawinkle said...

dylussion stamps what have i missed, gonna go and search your sit now, have fun at Ally Paly wish i could come and say hello, :)

Traceyr said...

Oh that is wonderful news I am going to be at Ally Pally Sunday - that has made a great day out even better. Thanks Dyan. x


Elaine said...

Fab you are going to Ally Pally, I will definitely drop by to see your lovely goodies.

Elaine x

Lucy said...

Hi Dyan

It was wonderful to get to speak to you today, I didn't see your post about AP so I didn't know you were going to be there! Was a fab surprise because I used to love spending time on the stall and have missed it at the recent shows.

Thanks for your wonderful demos, I'm off for a play with your Dylusions that I bought today, and I look forward to the new stamps you showed me!

If you remember, I'm the girl with the original Sugar Dumpling papers! Ha! I'll be forever reminding you of that now :)

Take care,


Judith said...

Met you today at Ally P.
You wowed me. THOUGHT I was not into messy stuff NOW I just want to play. Its all your fault!!!!!!!!
Your fab.... Thank you x

karen said...

just got home from ally pally and it was great to see you back. Totally in love with you new products and looking forward to using them. You have inspired me to give art journaling a go. Thankyou for showing me your new mists and helping me choose my colour paints. It so great to see something different at ally pally,i do hope you keep coming back and i'm looking forward to seeing more of your fab products. Karen B

Michelle said...

It was fab to see you demonstrate today, have never seen you in action before. I feel inspired! Thank you. Michelle x

Faerielore said...

Hey Dy it was lovely meeting you yesterday, you are every bit as lovely as I imagined, jay keeps eyeing up my new dylusions !!! what have we created hahahaha thanks for putting up with us both for so long, it was great seeing the master at work

Laura xxx

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhh, I would love to take one of your classes. Could you send me a plane ticket :)

Hope you have lots of participants and lots of fun!!! It sure looks very inspiring!

Faerielore said...

Hey Dy I finally found some time to play with my new dylusion, you can see my new pages here ...


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