Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take time to enjoy the simple things in life...!!!

Ooh, big blogger today. Hoping to make up for being awol these last few days...!! Thanks to every one who sent me good wishes to get well, it meant a lot. And to those who were wishing I,d stay ill and just disappear - Sorry to disappoint, lmao..!!! I am slowly recovering, but feel totally drained and have absolutely no concentration at all. Yes, even less than usual. Forgot to drink a cup of tea yesterday, so slung it in the microwave to heat it up. Went looking for it later and couldn't find it, looked all over so presumed I must have drunk it. 3 hours later our Emmi came round ,went in the kitchen to find my cup of tea in the fridge.. How batty is that..??

Mind you the other week I did try to ring Bezzie Su with the Sky remote control - I dialled the number and couldn't understand why there was no ring tone, lol. Surely I cant be the only one who does ridiculous things. So to make me feel better and to convince Emmi I am not showing early signs of Alzheimer's, send me a comment with you acts of stupidity and I,ll send a prize to the funniest.

I was on duty in the shop yesterday and Bezzie Su came in with her gorgeous girlies. They had both brought something to show me. First is for shoe watch. Bekah couldn't wait to show me these beauties and I just love the mismatched socks. She is really rocking that look.
And then little Georgia showed me a blank space...???? Yup she was a tooth missing...
I used to love it when my kids teeth fell out ( mind you this didn't fall so much as was pulled..and not by Georgia..!! But thats what happens when you have a mother like " Yes she really is a professional woman" ) they used to be so excited when the tooth fairy came. Isn't it a shame that we have to outgrow all that..Life would be so much more bearable if we knew we were guaranteed visits from the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sand Man and of course Father Christmas. We seem to have swapped all these things for The Taxman, The Grim Reaper, Mrs Harsh Truth and Master Senility Fast Approaching.. Ah well I suppose there are some compensations to being a grown up and if I ever do grow up I,ll let you know.
Today's class was the House Book of Houses which I designed ages ago. I knew this was always going to be a popular class and I think this will be the next kit we release so keep an eye out. It is made with our wooden house books, Paper Artsy's Spring and Sprout papers and their fabby Bricks and Mortar stamps.

Here's Elaine the Baker, Lesley and Liz.

Pat, Jane and Isobel

Jane , Doreen ( my substitute Mum ) and Dawn

Isobel and her Grandma Pat

We had lots of goodies today. Pat brought cup cakes, Elaine brought flapjacks and Isobel, the little star baked all these. Yes butterfly and chocolate buns all made by her fair hands.
Isn't she a little star...??

It was a beautiful day again today and Jay and Em's had taken the most beautiful grand daughter in the whole world to a big do in our local park, The Valley Gardens. So I hotfooted it out of work to join them, and boy did we have some fun.
Hmmm not sure about this queueing lark...!!
Maisie was desperate to go on this, but I was worried it was a bit too high and steep for her. I had visions of her finally getting to the top, and freezing, because I knew it would be me who was dispatched up there to rescue her. But I couldn't have been more wrong. That girlie is fearless..

Here goes..
Whey hey, down she comes..
Ooh I like that, think I,ll have another crack at it..
So up we go..

And down we come..

and again..

and AGAIN ...!!

Right where next..?? Auntie Jay, I don't think you are allowed up there with out a child accompanying you..!!
Oh go on then I,ll hold your hand..

But you have to behave and hold on tight..
This is a better one, at least I can steer..

And wheelie around corners. I,ve seen the way Emmi drives..!!!
Wonder if you can wheelie in aeroplanes..??

Well this planes taking some getting off the ground..

At last we're up ..

I hate these enforced fuel stops..

Oy you two, can you stop enjoying yourselves and concentrate..

Right fancy a go in this now, think,ll I,ll put my feet up and have a little rest..
By heck its hard work all this rescuing..
Well she wouldn't fit in it would she..?? Mama was going on about her long legs, aww bless, I didn't like to tell her she was on stilts.. Mind you last time I saw an ass like that........!!!

Oh blimey, some people do actually win on these things.. A penguin, just what I always wanted...

Mmmm wonder where we're going now....
What do you mean we're going home..?? Surely not..
Oh its okay Daddy,s here now, that will save me walking..

Right I,ve still got some energy left, so we,ll have a little bounce in Mama's garden.

Cmon Emmi, look lively..
This is how you do it..

I dont think shes quite got the hang of it , Mama..!!!

Oh no I can hear Monsters ... I,m going to creep up and have a look...

Yes, I am going to protect everyone with my trusty spear..

The end....... Well for now anyway...!!!
I dont know how she does it, she never stops. I,m worn out just looking at all the pictueres. She is an absolute darling at the moment, bless her. Just what I need to brighten my spirits, lighten my heart and bring some sunshine into the dark corners. Just looking at her reminds me of this lovely quote....
" Enjoy the little things in life ... for one day you 'll look back and realize they were the big things"
Ha ha it has taken me 4 1/2 hours to post this, I keep deleting by mistake instead of saving, which leads me back to the top...send me your embarassing moments, the "Oh My giddy Aunts I,m turning into my mother" moments, and you could win some goodies.. Yayys...
Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Last week I went to the library with the boys and when I was leaving I couldn't find my car key. I had the ladies hunting all over the place, my bag was tipped out on the floor and no joy. Then one of the librarians pointed out it was hanging round my neck, it had been there all the time. Fab pictures of Maisie. Loving that new house book as well, looking forward to the kit coming out.

Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan - your little grand daughter made me feel quite tired - and I haven't even started my day yet LOL! On the funny stories I'm sure I've got loads but can't remember them at the mo, I have got one of my Aunties though, when I was younger my Dad owned a bright yellow car and often hurtled up and down a busy road that my Aunty lived on, eventually the car was no more and we got a new green one - about 18 months after we got the green car my Aunty stopped us (she lived across the road from the shop on the busy road) to ask when my Dad had bought his new car - my Dad told her he'd had it about 18 months - her face fell and she said - "Who have I been waving at all these months" - apparently every morning she'd race out of the house and wave ferociously at this bright yellow car going past and the man in the car waved back! - we've no idea who was in the car!

borgqueen said...

First thing is to point out that Georgia's tooth was wobbly.
Secondly I have loads of ditsy moments (no suprises there) but cant get the time you tried to put your bags in the car that was parked next yours's boot out of my head - think it was only the sports box that was in the boot that made you stop and think that something wasnt correct...
you're ace - have a great day x

Dylan said...

Ha that was hilarious...the best thing was my car is black and that one is red and I never even noticed....Still it keeps you amused...
And I wasnt implying you pulled out healthy teeth lmao. I cant imagine you with a pair of pliers in your mitts... xxx

Mell said...

The funniest thing that happened to us last week is that we got a phone call from my Dad saying he has gone to work (hospital) in his casual brown trainers instead of his black work shoes. Me and Mum had to get dressed quickly and take them to him. Dad can not remember even putting them on lol

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Really glad your starting to feel better. Am doing a slippy slide in celebration.

Ermmm, ditsy moments are virtually every other moment in my life. It only takes am interesting scrap of paper, something shiney or the smell of paint and I'm distracted.

I do so many stupid things I can hardly remember most of them. I did once post my letter in the prescription box at the doctors, only realising what I had done when I got to the posty office for a stamp and only had my repeat prescription in my mits. Had to get the Dr's receptionist to unlock the box and fish my letter out amid much giggling. And it was the second time I had gone out to do it that day, as I had forgotten to stop the first time round!

I'm always putting my dirty dishes in the fridge, instead of the dishwasher as well. Soooo sad.

Dee P xxx

Ann said...

A couple of dizzy moments for you, though they are not mine. A friend of my mother had an electric fire in the back room and a coal fire in the front. She went out to get some coal, came in and threw it at the electric fire! Another time my sister-in-law went in to the bank to cash a cheque for forty pounds - but she couldn't remember how to spell forty so had to settle for thirty nine!
Glad you are feeling better, and your granddaughter seems to be a chip off, 2 generations, of old blocks!
Derbyshire Ann x

Katy said...

Fabby piccies :)

My ditsy moment recently was when I was getting dressed I put my bra over the top of my tshirt!! I actually walked out of the house looking like that, it wasn't till the bloke across the road looked at me odd did I look down and see what I'd done I was mortified!!!


p.s. my friend and I are paying a visit on friday if you around?!

Paper Paradise said...

Glad you're on the mend Dyan, some hilarious happening in the comments, it makes me feel quite 'normal' lol
Sue x

susie f said...

Ok, but just the one, and just to cheer you up!!
The day is etched in my memory when I sent a very rude, hurry home, I have something waiting for you, message to my little sister instead of my hubby!!!! Trauma!!! I spent the next hour trying to get in touch with someone to intercept the text!!!! Luckily it did no lasting damage (apart from the moment was ruined....)

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Hope you are feeling better.
I don't really know if I want to admit it in Public, but Im sure you won't tell. LOL :-)
I have often gotten into the shower and gone into a daze thinking. suddenly I'm out drying off and I just can't remember if i've actually gotten washed, so I end up having to get in again.
Very strange.
I also keep finding cups of cold tea in the microwave.
I put it in to heat and forget all about it.
Then when I go to heat the next cup I find it.
Just have to keep telling myself everyone does it!!! lol.
Big Hugs,
michelle xx

Michelle said...

Forgot to say how gorgeous Maisie was.
She made me tired just looking at her.
Kid's have no fear.
I dread when my little man is big enough for that kind of stuff.
I will be terrified.
The house book looks fab, look forward to the kit coming out.
Michelle xx

Sharon said...

Acts of stupidity - Oooh I have many!! LOL
Here is a recent one:
I was teaching a Primary 6 class (age 10/11) about Tudor Costumes- it was an art lesson and I had given them books so that they could see what the costumes look liked in that era. Meanwhile I decided to go on the internet and see what I could find. I found a good site and so I put it up on the overhead whiteboard so the whole class could see.

Teachers are supposed to be prepared etc etc etc but sometimes us "experienced" teachers "wing it" and make it up as we go........... here was I reading down the subtitles and giving a brief description in my own words as I thought I knew what they down my homework!! LOL

I read the word COD PIECE and waffled on to the class that I wasn't too sure what it was but I thought it was either the frill that they wore around their necks or perhaps even the stiff petticoat.
Then we moved on to another part of the costume...

It was at this point my classroom assistant whispered in to my ear what she thought a cod piece was
Beetroot red moment!!!

Squirming with embarassment I disconnected the overhead, set the children on with book research whilst I looked up Cod Piece properly on the internet - Yip my CA was right.
How the pair of us laughed!

....and I am sure you all know what a cod piece is but if not then go google it.

Sometimes I am too naive for my own good!

Definitely a prime act of stupidity!

Sharon said...

Oh and if that one wasn't enough - just ask Bobs about my encounter with a blind woman on a train!

Long story short - on way to Arts and Crafts exhibition at Glasgow 2 years ago (to visit AFTH) when I struck up a conversation with the train conductress lady who took our tickets.
One part of the conversation included me asking her if someone was in the toilet, she replied something about the light being illuminated.
I questioned her to which she replied "Oh I am not sure my dear... you see I am blind!"

Of course I never noticed the guide dog or her braille laptop till AFTER she said that. I thought her illuminous yellow tabard was the train lady's uniform!

To say Brenda (Bobs) and her daughter laughed for hours was an understatement!

Sharon said...

Oooh I am a bad teacher not proof reading!!
My third paragraph in story about the cod piece should be: here was I reading down the subtitles and giving a brief description in my own words as I thought I knew what they meant. I wish I had done my homework!! LOL

Lisa said...

good to see you're feeling better x

LOVING the photos, that was 4.5 hours well spent ;o)

I've done a few ditzy things, the bra over the tshirt, pj top under my top, trousers inside out, odd shoes.....etc etc.

My worst moments are when technology is involved. My most cringworthy is when my boss told me he faniced my (Married) friend and would I have a word. So we went for lunch and laughed for an hour. Then I came back to let him down gently to say she is flattered but happy in her relationship. I then emailed her to tell her I lied out of my bum for her and he was sufficiently dumped - and yep, I emailed him instead of my friend!

Didn't stay in that role for much longer after that ;o)

Unknown said...

Glad you are feeling better Dy and are getting back to normal. I have no ditzy moments that I can think of at the moment so no prize for me.

Maisie is absolutely fab and be warned that they have absolutely no fear at all until they are about 8 years old.

Keep your chin up and keep getting better.

Emma xx

Maria said...

While working for a Mercedes dealer I nipped to the shops.

Suddenly caught in a downpour I hotfooted it back to work.

A Mercedes pulls up next to me so thinking it was someone from work.

Yep, I open the door and hop in. Needless to say I was out faster than I got in.

And, last week I announced I was going to iron the rug instead of hoover it.

borgqueen said...

Just remembered.....the time when I came to work, all proud that I'd managed to juggle all the balls, feed and deliver children and not be late. Parked and dashed in. 20mins or so later one of the managers came in and asked if anyone owned a black CRV as it was in the middle of the car park causing an obstruction...... I was soooo embarrassed I had to ask a colleague to re park it for me and put the hand brake on this time ;o) Am so grateful it didnt hit anything ....or any one!

Sue Ramsay said...

I could write a book about my blonde moments as my boys call them. I once had a bath, got out and dried myself only to wonder why I felt strange putting on my bra and knickers.........I hadnt taken off the previous ones before getting in the bath. I was so worried about these moments that I decided to make an appointment to see the doc about them, then had to write in my diary WHY I was going - the doc thought it hilarious when I showed her the entry saying 'memory loss query early Alzheimers???'. Recently Ive found the kettle in the fridge, tried to find where the flask top screwed into the smoothie maker, put the staples in the stapler at school in upside down and in entirely the wrong place, and tonight I only made half my eldests lunch for tomorrow and had to start again making more sandwiches.............the list is endless - as was the car park in IKEA when I not only forgot where Id parked the car but WHAT colour and make my car was too. I think I should stop now as Im starting to get worried !!!!!
Sue x

Maureen Reynolds said...

Well, I never do anything ditzy...I'm a Virgo! (oh you better believe I do for example last night I was in bed half asleep and felt something poking my head. I had only taken one earring off...the other post was digging into my scalp. grrr)

I also have to say those shots of the Valley Gardens took me back to 1968 when it was my firstborn, who just turned 1 yr,I walked daily in the VG as we were in a B&B nearby waiting for our house to be finished. When it rained I took him to the auctions! I soon bought a British pushchair to keep him dry. On a good day we went up to the outskirts of Harlow Car. Ah, memories.

Siobhan Brignull said...

oh I cant think of any funny things but my vote would be writing the cheque out for thirty nine pounds instead of forty, rofl.
Glad you are feeling better, wasnt swine flu then!!

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