Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beautiful Beeswax...

Had a fun day today. I finally started the magazine article that is due Monday..!!! I know. I know, but its normal to me. I work better under pressure, lmao.. The subject was Beeswax and the brief was bright and cheerful. Now Beeswax is not normally known for being bright, so the challenge was on. Ranger do 2 types of Beeswax, the normal neutral colour which gives a lovely amber glow perfect for nostalgic and vintage projects. But they also do a white Beeswax that gives a clear effect. This enables you to have the gorgeous buff of Beeswax without discolouring the brightness of the project. Perfect for what I had in mind.

I melt the Beeswax granules in the melting pot.

The smell of melting Beeswax is so calming and comforting.

So here's some sneaks from the article.

So all I need to do now is write it all up..!!!


Chris said...

Wow, even the sneaky peeks look fab. Are those the new images from Patti?

Unknown said...

Oh I can't wait - I have the beeswax pellets - but haven't used them.

Michelle said...

Oh WOW Dyan,
What a tease you are the samples look fab.
I recognise some of the images from the Lisa's Altered Art link you gave last post.
Will have to get some of the collage sheets......but there are so many....and I am terrible at making decissions.Nooooooooo!!!!!
What have you done to me??? :-)
Forgot to ask is the article for Craft Stamper??
Have a great weekend.
Michelle xx

sam21ski said...

Fab stuff Dy, love the bright colours, can't wait to see the real thing xxxx

Katy said...

WOW!! Looking absolutely fabulous Dyan :)

Can you reveal which mag it will be in? :P


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