Thursday, September 4, 2008

Away we go...........

Yes spot the mistake 08 - 08 is August not September Duh! I thought things were going too well! Still keeping up with the journal though. Here's one wondering where summer went - if indeed it actually came!

Well the vans packed and ready to go for an early morning start ( much to Emmi's disgust seen as she is out tonight ). Because Ben is injured, we are leaving him behind, so he will be at the studio Friday and Monday to answer your queries. Doubt he will make Saturday as he will still have to cheer on Harrogate in their first game of the season.

Probably won't blog now until Tuesday as I will not have access to the computer, so expect a bumper blog then.

Dy xx


Michelle Green said...

Loving the shows Dy! And it has indeed been a pappy summer!

Dylan said...

Ha ha do you mean shows or shoes??

Michelle Green said...

hehehe......I did mean shoes! d'oh!

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