Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hectic week...

Aaargh has it really been that long since i last blogged. Ben is in Ibiza on his jollies and me and Ems are running around like the proverbial blue flies! The classes this week are really, really busy which is great, but it does mean we are really hectic.

Todays class was really good. We made wooden xmas houses. The roof comes off enabling you to fill it with sweets or pressies. A perfect centre piece for the xmas table. We used Basic Greys Fruitcake papers. Check out the roof tiles. There are 100 individually cut out hearts on there. Phew that certainley kept them quiet. The class was totally full, i couldn't squeeze one more person on, but for those of you on the waiting list and any others who fancy coming, I will be repeating this class in the next brochure so keep an eye out.

I have my regular Tuesday gang tonight and we are playing with alcohol inks. They have spent the last 2 weeks learning all the techniques and tonight is playtime to bring it all together. I'll show you some of the results tommorow. Talking about tommorow, i have 16 kids all coming to a workshop. They will be making a personalised wooden clock. Their ages range from 5 1/2 years to 16 years so its quite a challenge keeping them all in check, but well worth it. At the end of the class they are always so pleased with what they have made that confidence just oozes out of their pores and pride just shines through their eyes. And thats what its all about isn't it. - The next generation.

Shoe watch - Because today started off all miserably and rainy and because i have been MIA with my blogging i decided to give my feet a treat. These bobby dazzler shoes normally sit on a high shelf in my room to be gazed at like ornaments and have only been aired once or twice. But they are still a firm favourite.

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Michelle Green said...

I bow in the presence of those glorious shoes!

That little Christmas house is gorgeous Dy! I want one, I want one, I want one!

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